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I have to admit, that this wasn't my first time I've been to London. And because of that, I did not visit most of the typical tourist stuff again. Okay, I did walk by some of the hotspots again, like the Knights Bridge, Westminster, Castle, Buckingham Palace or Soho district- but I did only that: walk by, look at the beautiful and old buildings, took some pictures and went on. So I don't have more in detail tips for you here, but hopefully some of my pictures can give you a good overview (if you have never been to London but want some impressions) In this blog

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Posted on March 12, 2018 by Arcanion in Reisebericht

On Sunday afternoon I went right into the heart of London: Soho. At Underground Station Oxford Street you can jump right into the middle of the action. And boy, I didn't expect so many people here on a cold, cloudy sunday in January. The streets were packed with people. Shopping, souveniers, dinner and nightlife all concentrated in one district. I wouldn't want to live here close by - far too much trouble for my liking.  But it was just what I wanted to experience for one day. I went down Oxford street looking for a restaurant and some shopping places to get a post card for Maike -

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Posted on February 18, 2018 by Arcanion in Reisebericht

The Docklands, located in the eastern part of London, are probably not the first place a tourist would go, if they are visiting London. I bet there are a decent amount of people who visited London several times already and were never there. That means unless your airport is the London City Airport which is located right in the dockland district or if you visiting ExCeL. This really huge exhibition centre is also located there. End of January an american friend and myself went for a four day trip to London.  Since we had an event coming up at ExCeL we choose a Hotel close by for the whole

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Posted on February 17, 2018 by Arcanion in Reisebericht